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Innovative waterfront construction specialists

On The Waterfront is a waterfront construction, repairs and maintenance team dedicated to harbour and waterway properties. We are your go-to company for practical solutions to your waterfront construction projects.

With 40 years combined experience in pontoon and jetty constructions and repairs, as well as other projects such as wharves, seawalls and sandstone, boat ramps and sheds, ocean pools, decking, concreting and excavating, our goal remains the same - each client has what they need when it matters most so their dream can become reality fast without sacrificing quality service.

For expert workmanship on small repairs right up through full-scale development projects, we have it covered!

Repairs & Maintenance
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Repairs & Maintenance

High quality workmanship and reliable services

Why work with us?

On The Waterfront has an exceptional team of tradespersons committed to making sure that your waterfront project goes smoothly. We can do a days' worth of repairs of all kinds quickly, reliably and with no hassles. We always leave properties like we found them - no post-tradie cleanups required. We ensure high quality workmanship and top-notch service with every project we work on, no matter how big or small it may be.

For all waterfront construction needs, whether it’s remedial works, maintenance, or new builds, count on our quality work and reliable service!

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New pier constructed by On the Waterfront, Sydney

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We have a diverse team of tradespersons with years of experience in various trades. Our collective skills and experiences help us create efficient plans and identify time-tested techniques we can bring to the project.

We're particularly good at any construction or repair that requires a keen eye for detail, such as sandstone walls, repairing cracked decking and concrete, and anything that is in need of a quality update.

We are specialists in difficult to access and problem jobs. We will work with marine experienced and approved engineers. We know every part of Sydney Harbour and associated waterways. We quote for free and are friendly and honest. We are fully insured. We offer a conditional warranty.

Jetty repairs, Vaucluse by On the Waterfront, Sydney  


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